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Activity Discussion General Discussion What makes human beings different from other living beings? Reply To: What makes human beings different from other living beings?

  • Sayantani

    December 1, 2023 at 11:35 am
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    Human beings are different from other living beings and that can be explained through linguistics.

    Language is the greatest innovation that mankind could come up with and makes them different from other creatures in various forms.

    Human beings have the quality to write the things one speaks and speak the things that are written.

    With definite usage of finite rules, grammatical sentences that have never been uttered can come into occurrence. Unlimited sentences can be produced by a speaker with no limit to the context. Whether it is a false or hypothetical, present or non- present topic, humans can talk about anything regardless of the situation.

    Language is not inherently learned by humans as it is not passed down genetically but through social traditions. One can learn new language and use language itself to talk about language.

    Language first originated in spoken form but now has evolved in terms of words and codes. This fact tells us that how we have the capability to evolve every now and then to civilize ourselves, something that other living organisms are unable to do. We have consciousness and conscience that makes us humans and differs from other beings.

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