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  • Mansi

    December 1, 2023 at 2:50 pm
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    Global climate change has measurable impacts on the Amazon rainforest, with rising temperatures and changing precipitation patterns leading to increased stress on the ecosystem. Over the past few decades, the Amazon has experienced a temperature increase of approximately 0.8 degrees Celsius, contributing to more frequent and severe droughts. The region has also witnessed an uptick in extreme weather events, including hurricanes and storms, further endangering the rainforest.

    Satellite data reveals a concerning rise in deforestation rates, with approximately 17% of the Amazon lost in the last 50 years. This loss of crucial tree cover intensifies the vulnerability of the rainforest to climate change impacts, disrupting the water cycle and exacerbating temperature extremes. Moreover, the Amazon acts as a carbon sink, sequestering vast amounts of carbon dioxide. However, ongoing climate change threatens this capacity, potentially turning the rainforest into a carbon source.

    The combination of temperature increases, altered precipitation, and human-induced activities underscores the urgent need for global climate action to mitigate these effects. Without intervention, the Amazon’s biodiversity and its role in climate regulation are at significant risk.

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