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Activity Discussion History Indian rulers Reply To: Indian rulers

  • Divyanshi

    December 1, 2023 at 3:19 pm
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    Ashoka tha great was one of the most kind and strong rulers in the Indian history. He was entitled as the peace-loving monarch. He was the third ruler of the Mauryan Dynasty and was perceived as the strongest ruler in ancient times. And the period of his reign is referred as the most prosperous times of the Indian history. Besides his peace-loving nature he is known to be the unique ruler as he spread his ideas through inscriptions. He considered his public’s problem as his own and therefore for an efficient regulation of the people he appointed officials to solve the problems that the public faced. Not just humans but animals were also looked after under the rule of the great Ashoka. Other practices such as respecting elders, being gentle with the slaves and treating all creatures with compassion were highly followed under his rule and positive teachings and messages were delivered to the public. All these practices and his good motives makes us believe that Ashoka was a kind and peace-loving ruler.

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