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  • Kakumani

    December 1, 2023 at 6:25 pm
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    Real numbers constitute the set of all rational and irrational numbers, encompassing integers, fractions, decimals, and numbers like the square root of 2 or pi. Integers comprise whole numbers, positive and negative, including zero. Rational numbers are expressible as fractions of integers, while irrational numbers, like the square root of 2 or pi, lack such representation. Additionally, real numbers encompass decimals, whether terminating or non-terminating. The set of real numbers is symbolized by ℝ and is integral to various mathematical disciplines such as algebra, calculus, and analysis. Geometrically, real numbers can be plotted on the number line, with each point corresponding to a unique real number.
    EXAMPLES : -3 , 4 , 0 , 2 / 3 , 0.34 , pi , 1

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