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Activity Discussion Essay Smoking in public places should be banned. Comment Reply To: Smoking in public places should be banned. Comment

  • Ferina

    December 2, 2023 at 11:34 pm
    Not Helpful

    ‘Smoking’: this word itself is saying a lot. The first thing that clicks our mind is cigarettes. Isn’t it too much? being an active smoker, these people are also making others to smoke passively. Why we suffer? Why this nicotine product is not being banned? though the company shows the deadly warning at the boxes, still people prefer it over a normal healthy refreshment.

    Never mind, lets agree with the addiction part, but at least there must be some rules regarding the public places, right? Let the smokers be allowed o smoke in specific smoking rooms only. let not the common people suffer the passive smoking side effects and yes our young generation and the kids specially.

    Let there be a ban on smoking on public places and if caught, a heavy fine like a traffic memo. May be something can change then.

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