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Activity Discussion Environment PLASTIC POLLUTION Reply To: PLASTIC POLLUTION

  • Prisha

    December 3, 2023 at 3:05 pm
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    Plastic pollution is a big problem that affects our environment in many ways:

    First, it hurts animals. When plastic gets into rivers, oceans, or forests, animals can mistake it for food and eat it. This can make them sick or even cause them to die. Sometimes, animals get stuck in plastic or fishing nets, and they can’t move properly or find food.

    Second, it harms our planet. Plastic takes a really long time to break down, sometimes hundreds of years! So, when we throw away plastic bottles, bags, or toys, they stay in the environment for a super long time, making a big mess.

    Third, it pollutes our water. When plastic ends up in rivers or oceans, it doesn’t go away. It breaks into tiny pieces called microplastics. These microplastics can be harmful to fish and other creatures that live in the water. Even when we drink water or eat fish, we might accidentally eat these tiny bits of plastic, which isn’t good for our health.

    Fourth, it damages nature. Plastic pollution can ruin the beauty of beaches, forests, and parks. It’s sad to see our beautiful planet covered in trash.

    To help, we can use less plastic by reusing things, like bringing our own bags to the store instead of using new ones each time. Recycling plastic is also really important because it helps make new things without making more trash. If we all work together and take small steps to use less plastic, we can keep our environment cleaner and safer for everyone.

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