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  • Tanish

    December 3, 2023 at 11:03 pm
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    Animals are amazing, right? They live in the wild, forests, and even in our homes. But sometimes, the things they do can affect the world’s weather, and that’s what we call climate change.

    Now, animals themselves are not trying to change the climate, but some things they do can have an impact. Here’s how:

    Furry Friends and Gas:

    You know how we breathe out air? Well, animals do that too. Cows, for example, make a lot of gas when they eat. This gas is called methane. It’s not bad, but when there are too many cows (because we love milk and cheese!), all their gas can make the air a bit warmer.

    Penguins and Ice Homes:

    Think about our penguin friends in the cold places. They need ice to live on. But, because the world is getting warmer, the ice is melting. That means penguins might have to find new homes, and that’s not easy.

    Busy Bees and Flowers:

    Bees are super busy helping flowers make more flowers. But, when it gets too warm, some flowers can’t grow like they used to. This can make it harder for bees to find food, and we all know how important bees are for yummy fruits!

    So, while animals are just being themselves, lots of people are working together to make sure we take care of our Earth. We can do things like using less energy, planting trees, and being kind to all our animal friends to help keep our planet happy and healthy!

    Remember, even small things we do can make a big difference.

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