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Activity Discussion Science & Technology HUMAN BIOLOGY Reply To: HUMAN BIOLOGY

  • Chinmayee

    December 4, 2023 at 12:29 pm
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    The human body has 5 senses:

    1) Sight: Our eyes, which have the ability of vision provide us sight. Light reflected from objects enters our eyes, through the lens and produces an inverted image on the retina. Our brain then processes this information as delivered by the optic nerve and we ‘see’ an object.

    2) Sound: We hear through our eyes. Sound waves propagate through our ear canal and to the ear drum. Our brain processes this input and we ‘hear’ sounds.

    3) Smell: We smell through our nose. Olfactory nerves play a major role where different receptors detect different chemicals and our brain process this information as ‘smell’.

    4) Taste: Our tongue gives us taste. Various receptors are present on our tongue. These detect different tastes such as sour, sweet, salty, spicy at different location. Essentially, these tastes are just chemical combinations we interpret as ‘taste’.

    5) Touch: the sensation of something, be it a feather or a thorn is felt by our skin. Again, different receptors interpret temperature, texture etc. and our brain interprets it as touch.

    These senses help us understand and analyze the world around us with ease.

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