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Activity Discussion Art & Craft Looking for Project making ideas Reply To: Looking for Project making ideas

  • shivani

    December 4, 2023 at 5:42 pm
    Not Helpful

    Hey Ayesha! That’s an interesting project you have. I like your idea of making lightbulb shapes and securing them with a ribbon, I’d suggest that you use coloured paper (yellow) and draw details of a lightbulb using sketch pens that are a few shades darker than your paper. To get the shiny effect of a light bulb, you can use a white pen or whitener as it is more accessible and pocket-friendly! what you can do to make it more attractive is that you can buy some fairy lights and stick them at the back of your lightbulb cut-out. This way with the click of a button you can add to the effect of the lightbulb instead of just drawing it! P.S. Make sure that you buy the portable fairy lights that work on a cell and not the ones that need to be connected to a socket. I hope this helped! Have a great day!😊

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