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Activity Discussion Art & Craft Rookie artist here! Reply To: Rookie artist here!

  • Ankit

    December 4, 2023 at 6:28 pm
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    Hey Fellow Artist!
    It is great that you are starting your journey to learn and explore the creative world of arts and crafts.
    I am a self-taught digital artist and since a very young age, I have been scribbling, and sketching all over my school notebooks, walls, windows, and whatnot!!
    My advice to any budding and aspiring artist would be just to play with the tools you have and the most important thing is to just enjoy doing the thing rather than trying to achieve perfection.
    The main motivation to draw or do any form of art is to just express what we want to convey to the world which might be often difficult with words. Arts and crafts are a means to express our emotions and we should always be aware that none of the forms of communication is perfect…

    Expert artists often find themselves worrying about every small detail of their creation to achieve perfection, and they forget about the initial joy of actually making the art which they must have felt during their childhood…

    So as a beginner just enjoy yourself doing all sorts of experiments with your craft, and yes do not forget the importance of pieces of advice from experienced artists, and with our current digitalized world, it is quite easy to get into the rabbit hole of lot of contents about beginning your journey as an artist, that is why, it is always better to find and rely someone with whom you could talk about your feelings and thoughts regarding your journey….

    All The Best!!

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