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Activity Discussion Art & Craft Developing Art Skills Reply To: Developing Art Skills

  • Ankit

    December 5, 2023 at 1:21 pm
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    In the long term, to develop any kind of skill, we need to give importance to repetition, consistency, regularity and most importantly to enjoy the art of learning the art itself.

    Be it sports, music, or anything, if someone is regularly giving consistent efforts into certain aspects of their life, surely they will improve and eventually develop mastery.

    But the goal should not only be a great artist but also someone who loves the process of creating the art itself. Learning an art form can be thrilling and brings a lot to explore about the creative world of arts and also allows you to express yourself in several ways you might have never thought about before!!

    As someone who loves to draw, I would surely say to do the following to enhance your sketching abilities:
    1. Try to illustrate and imitate from real-life references and other drawings.
    2. Practice drawing shapes: squares, circles, etc.
    3. Practice shading.
    4. Try to create art without any references which would describe certain thoughts, experiences, or any emotions you would have.
    5. Enjoy !!

    So best of luck on your journey to improve your art!!

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