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Activity Discussion Art & Craft Beginner in arts Reply To: Beginner in arts

  • Ruchika

    December 5, 2023 at 8:14 pm
    Not Helpful

    Art is an easy subject to learn, and as a beginner in art and craft, one should start learning from the following:

    1. YouTube: It is a great platform to learn with limited craft resources and practice. Watching videos on YouTube makes things much easier. There are various videos you can watch according to your liking. Making art from waste material is a very good idea to search for on YouTube, as it reduces waste in the environment.

    2. Art and Craft Book: There are many books available on the market that teach us art and craft, especially for beginners. Choosing any beginner-friendly book as per your liking will be a very good idea.

    3. School teacher: Asking your school teacher is also a great option; they will guide you in a good way. You can also show them your art and craft for any mistakes. They will help you improve through practice. They can also suggest some good ideas for art.

    4. Art classes: Joining art and craft classes is another option from which you can choose. They teach you crafts and other things. They also teach every little detail and give you a live demo.

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