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Activity Discussion Art & Craft Good from waste Reply To: Good from waste

  • Swati

    December 5, 2023 at 8:37 pm
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    You can do a beautiful craft using small pencils one of the amazing best out of waste.

    1. Collect Raw materials:- Collect as many used pencils as you can no matter what size there are, empty can/plastic bottle/carton boxes, dendrite, tissue paper, glue, ribbons, paints, and brush.

    2. Stick the pencils:- Take the bottle of the perfect size and shape you want for making your vase, pencil stand, etc. Now make sure the upper option is open and the lower portion is closed. After this start sticking the pencils over the container/bottle. Make sure the whole body is covered and let it for some till it is completely dry.

    3. Time for coating:- Now you need to put a layer of tissue over the pencils using tissue and a solution of glue and water in equal amounts. Cover the whole vase completely and let it dry then do the second coating.

    4. Time for the platform:- Gather some pencils of equal size and stick them together to make a rectangle upon which you will be placing your vase. Do the coating process the same on this platform and let it dry. Once both pieces are dry stick them together.

    5. Time for brush:- Now it is time to get creative make patterns and color the whole vase as you like. You can make it a vase full of various colours or you can even shift for a monochrome theme which would give an aesthetic touch to your piece.

    Now your very own amazing craft is ready to be placed in your showcase.

    You can even use this idea for school competitions and even a perfect task to enhance your creativity.

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