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Activity Discussion Art & Craft Christmas DIY ideas Reply To: Christmas DIY ideas

  • Swati

    December 5, 2023 at 9:03 pm
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    Well, it’s the end of the year and bells are ringing all around the place so let’s make some cute Santa caps and Christmas trees.

    For Santa caps:-

    1. Take any red piece clothes which you can find or your mother provides you. Using the cloth make a cone and make sure the open end fits your head. For this, you can cut a half circle and roll it as per your ideal head size and stick the corners.

    2. Now take some cotton and start sticking them on the open base. After this attach a huge white cotton ball or pom pom at the top. Now you have a cute Santa cap you can even customize this by adding your favourite stickers, small hanging and figures over the cap it will look cute.

    Or the second option.

    1. Take a red construction paper and roll it into a cone shape it can be red or you can even colour it later.

    2. Now put cotton or white glittery paper strips at the lower base and a ball of paper or cotton on the top.

    3. Now fix a string at the inside lower part of your cap and wear it quite similar to birthday hats but with a Christmas theme.

    Now it is time for X-mas Trees

    Let’s opt for the cloth option:-

    1. First take cardboard and shape it into a cone and then cover it with green clothes.

    2. Stuff the cone with anything around you can find and seal the bottom by tying the extra clothes.

    3. Now you can either stick or even stitch the decorations and hanging you desire. The interesting part is the size depends upon you. Either a huge one or a small choice is yours and a great method to save cutting trees.

    Now let’s get sparkly and small in size.

    1. Take hard glazing paper or even cardboard and cover it with glazing green paper. Cut it into a circle shape.

    2. Now start cutting the paper from the end in a circular spiral pattern till the centre.

    3. After cutting fix a string or hook in the center part and suspend the rest part.

    Now you have a beautiful rotating lightweight Xmas tree. You can use this to make hanging or even huge Christmas trees which will twirl slowly as you dance by the side.

    4. Decorate this with lightweight decorations as you like.

    Well, it’s a lot of ideas and less time for Christmas. So hurry up and get creative. Have a great Christmas.

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