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  • Swarnim

    December 6, 2023 at 12:51 pm
    Not Helpful

    First of all, my friend, that is a great question and really shows you are a curious creature!

    So, coming to the answer, Google is not like a book in which someone has written every information there is in the world. Instead, Google is the librarian who knows what information is there in which book. The internet is its library! So, visualise this, whenever someone asks it a question, it knows which book will have the answer to it; so it grabs that notebook from its library, skims through the table of contents, gets to the page that contains the appropriate answer and then shows that answer to the person who questioned about it.

    That was a good metaphor to start with. Now in technical terms, you know that the internet is filled with millions of websites, and every webpage contains information related to a specific topic. At the moment a Google search is made, Google identifies the keywords from the search, lists all the webpages that talk about that keyword, then it ranks them according to the number of people who have visited that website. For example, if you search “What is the speed of light in space” Google identifies the keywords ‘speed’, ‘light’ and ‘space’ and then it lists the websites that talk about these words. If it is, and it can find the answer in it, and many people have visited this website in the past, Google will most likely give the answer by indexing it from this website as “The speed of light in space is 2.98 x 10<sup>6 </sup>m/s.”

    I hope I could explain it to you well. Please reach out if you have any more questions <sup>✌</sup><sup> </sup>

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