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Activity Discussion Art & Craft Time management Reply To: Time management

  • prer

    December 6, 2023 at 6:16 pm
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    When it comes to balancing your time for arts and crafts, along with a busy exam schedule, it is important to effectively use time management skills.

    1. Create a daily schedule: Properly, and realistically time out your day in such a way that you reach your academic goals, and also have time to work on your art

    2. Prioritize: Make sure to do your important tasks first so that your schedule flows smoothly and stress-free.

    3. When you take breaks while studying, refresh your mind by taking a creative break and indulging in a short art or craft of your choosing.

    4. Ask for help from your family or friends around you to support you and help you maintain a balance between your studies and creative time.

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