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Activity Discussion Art & Craft New techniques Reply To: New techniques

  • prer

    December 6, 2023 at 6:24 pm
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    1. You can enroll in online classes and various art platforms, where you can stay updated as well as learn various new techniques and skills by experts.

    2. Watch youtube tutorials! There are many artists who share their art skills and various new techniques. You can find a channel with an art technique that interests you, and subscribe to them.

    3. Social Media Platforms/ Websites: There are many artists who regularly share new facts, or maintain art blogs where you can find useful information. You can use these to stay updated on any new art or craft techniques that arise.

    4. Attend art workshops, and exhibitions. These will help expand your knowledge in the field, and even give you a chance to experiment with new art techniques yourself.

    5. Library/ Art book resources that help you gain artistic knowledge and explain in depth about various art techniques in the field.

    6. Join art groups or communities, and connect with other artists. This is a great way to both share your own knowledge and skills, as well as learn from other artists as well!

    7. Experiment! There’s no such thing as going wrong in art. Experiment with any technique that interests you and learn through practice.

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