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  • Ambuja

    December 7, 2023 at 8:33 pm
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    Spending some amount of time doing arts and crafts in your daily life is essential, which also helps in controlling stress and anxiety. Doing such activities with your kids is like the cherry on top, since it is a great way to connect with them. You can do many amazing crafts using quilling papers, and some of the easy crafts that you can do using quilling papers include:

    1. Making a bookmark

    If you’re not interested in buying bookmarks from shops, you can make your own using quilling papers. To do this,

    * Cut a card in the shape you like.

    * Create patterns using quilling papers like flowers and leaves of your choice.

    * Paste them on the card that you have cut before.

    2. Greeting Cards

    Have you forgotten to buy a greeting card to wish your loved ones a happy occasion? No need to worry when you can make one by yourself using colorful quilling papers that are present in your home. To do this,

    * Fold the card into a square or rectangle shape.

    * Create patterns of butterflies or flowers using quilling paper and paste them on the card in a decorative way.

    * Write the personal message inside the card and send it to the person you want to send it to.

    3. Gift-wrapping accessories

    Are you not happy with giving gifts to your loved ones by using only gift wrappers? If yes, then you can accessorize your boring gift wraps by adding crafts made with quilling paper. To do this,

    * Wrap your gift using normal gift wrapping paper of your choice.

    * Create a heart or flower shape using quilling paper.

    * Stick this on the gift wrapper to make it more attractive.

    4. Photo frames

    No matter how many photo frames you purchase from shops, the one that you make with your heart always remains special. So it is no wonder that you can create a photo frame with a personal touch using quilling papers.
    To do this,

    * Select the photo of your choice.

    * Cut two pieces of cardboard (one for the front and the other for the back) slightly larger than the photo and paint them using the color of your choice.

    * Create different quilling paper patterns and decorate them around the front cardboard.

    Try it out with your kids and share your experience with us. Happy Crafting!🙂

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