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Activity Discussion General Discussion Heart vs Mind Reply To: Heart vs Mind

  • Isha

    December 7, 2023 at 11:55 pm
    Not Helpful

    There can be some sort of reasons why one can’t explain what they are going through or don’t wish to share.Some past trauma which led to Trust issues or feeling why to even express something which is not going to be sorted or habit of keeping things to ownself or just don’t know how to express as simple as that.To resolve this one must start to accept oneself and journaling,speaking up little by little can act as a first step.

    This discussion will demand you to touch your roots,meaning self introspecting and getting to know yourself to understand what you really want.There will be instances where you produce a sudden interest or curiousity about something..might be a skill,sport,etc.all these little things help us to understand who we are.And,its totally fine to be a late bloomer and explore!

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