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Activity Discussion Art & Craft Oil Pastel Layering Reply To: Oil Pastel Layering

  • Hrudgat

    December 8, 2023 at 12:29 pm
    Not Helpful

    Textured papers that have a ‘tooth’ like Pastelmat, can hold multiple layers of pastel without the colours looking muddy. The first layer of pastel won’t cover the texture of the paper. So use consecutive layers to build colours, Refine values, clean up shapes and add details.Oil pastels are generally an opaque medium, so you can layer with ease. However, their ability to fully cover colours beneath can vary. So if you want to create some ultra light highlights in your pastel painting, leave these sections of your paper blank. This will ensure that none of the colour great trick to use for the underpainting. It means that you can cover the white of the paper, then layer thick pastel on top. Use e pastel with a brush, or brush a tiny amount of solvent onto the top of the pastel then draw with it to make it release more intense colour. <div>


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