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Activity Discussion Environment Discuss in brief “how we can decrease E-waste production”. Reply To: Discuss in brief “how we can decrease E-waste production”.

  • Sneha

    December 8, 2023 at 1:13 pm
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    Electronic waste/E-waste refers to any electrical equipment that has been discarded. This includes both working and damaged items that are discarded or donated to a charity reseller.

    Causes of e waste production –

    1. Rapid Innovation in Technology: Due to the increase in technological and industrial demand new electronic devices have developed that result in unwanted and unused devices. These unused devices are not used and properly disposed leading to e-waste pollution.

    2. Rising demand for electronic products: Nowadays every work is carried out digitally and every digital user needs an electronic device which results in a rise in demand for electronic devices.

    3. Lack of Reparability: Electronic devices go through many damages and breaks. The device becomes of no use in the future if not repaired or not replaced by the new one. The devices that are not reparable need to be changed with new ones.

    4. Lack of Awareness: Many citizens using electronic products are still not aware and well-educated regarding the harmful impacts of e-waste. The uneducated or unaware users do not dispose of them properly and carefully which then leads to many environmental and health-related problems.

    Ways to control e- waste pollution –

    1. Reduce and Reuse: The most effective and easiest way is to reduce and reuse. Reducing and reusing can be achieved by repairing the existing devices instead of purchasing new ones and donating the previously used ones to someone who needs it rather than disposing of it.

    2. Recycling: Recycling is another way of reducing e-waste pollution. Electronic devices contain many other materials that can be used later on. Proper Recycling of electronic devices ensures that no toxic chemicals are emitted into the environment.

    3. E-waste Collection Drives: E-waste collection drives can be arranged by organizations and governments in order to properly dispose of their electronic waste gadgets.

    4. Regulations and Policies: Government should apply strict regulations and laws for the management of e-waste that is generated. Government can take many initiatives for proper disposal.

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