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  • Agnik

    December 8, 2023 at 5:00 pm
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    Illustrative art is where an artist visually represents an idea, concept or feeling. An illustration of a hand holding a rose which is black in colour can represent sadness. A lion bowing down infront of a deer can represent inferiority complex and under-confidence, a girl whose body is covered by red hands can represent the evils of the society. Many a times artists go through many phases in their lives which theh can’t express through words amd that’s exactly where illustrations come in. Illustrations do not have any texts. Its just visuals, colours and the artist’s mind. You can express your inner self which the society might not accept through this powerful piece of art.

    This is where you can put your artistic style on pace. Through a really simple illustration you can share a very deep message to your audience. A painting of a child looking at the stars and crying may show that he is finding his family in one of them. Illustrations are widely used in media. You can find it on book covers, magazines, etc. Imagine yourself publishing a book, you can just use an illustration that tells us a bit about the story to hook the audience.There is a video by Envato Tuts+ which is available on Youtube where they have clearly explained about this topic and have also shown it’s relevance in today’s world.

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