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Activity Discussion Art & Craft Meaning of art Reply To: Meaning of art

  • Vansh

    December 8, 2023 at 6:45 pm
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    Art is a wide-ranging display of human activities that encompass the creation of visual, auditory, or performance pieces that express the artist’s imagination, ideational ideas, or technical ability. Its purposes are many, including conveying emotions, reflecting cultural values, demanding norms, and furnishing aesthetic experiences.

    Art is like a medium of communication that helps an individual to convey their thoughts, feelings, and ideas which might not be possible by the other ways. For me, Art is beautiful as well as disturbing.

    Art has impacted me in the way that I was able to understand the human mind which is full of color, emotion, beauty, and wisdom. it has also helped me to develop and understand my perspective of seeing the world.I believe that one should go through the colors of art to understand human experiences.

    Moreover, art has an influential impact on society. it provides a stage for people to express their creative ideas. it also acts as a vehicle for demonstrating historical and cultural events. Art has the strength to bring society together, enabling a sense of identity and shared experience.

    in conclusion, art has a very strong influence over the world, some people find it as a source of peace while some find it as an escape from the real world conveying their inner thoughts through their creativity.

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