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Activity Discussion Art & Craft Emotion and Medium in art Reply To: Emotion and Medium in art

  • Arpita

    December 8, 2023 at 8:26 pm
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    An artistic medium is an effective way of expressing one’s emotions or certain messages. For example, different types of paints can help you “emote” on the canvas as you see fit. Oil colours are very vibrant and bold and hence you can show the “passion” of your subject of painting. Water colours are light, so they can be used to express subtleties of emotions or tranquility or the depth of softness of something.

    Charcoal or pencil drawings are monochromatic and can be used to emphasize lines, contrast, or shading. By varying the pressure and stroke, we can add depth to the drawing, and evoke emotions, helping us understand the general ethos of the subject.

    If we were to work with clay, it becomes very intimate. For a brief moment, we can play God, and every aspect of our being affects our creation. A happy, content mood can result in soft gentle touches. A disturbed mood can result in harsh, angry taps, that either make or break the sculpture. The same goes for sculpting. In short, the way you work is the way you breathe life into your work.

    Digital mediums are unique in the way they can allow us endless ways to experiment and manipulate our work. There is a myriad of software that allows artists to create artworks, with a wide range of effects, styles, and techniques. But the thing is, although it is versatile, it can lack the tactile and physical presence of traditional mediums.

    There is a certain nostalgia associated with traditional mediums. However, as per the needs and time constraints, we can always mix and match with modern and traditional mediums. For instance, there are many artists working for the app Webtoon, who first draw their characters physically, before rendering them digitally.

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