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Activity Discussion General Discussion Evolutionary changes Reply To: Evolutionary changes

  • Vidya

    December 17, 2023 at 5:37 pm
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    according to internet resources there have been many evolutionary changes in generation of mankind like the most recent one of disappearance of the tail and humans are left with just a tailbone. Adaptation, in the simplest sense, is a mechanism that allows organisms to mediate the stresses of their environment to ensure survival and reproduction. We often think that adaptation takes place through direct genetic modifications in response to environmental stress. We’re increasingly one, worldwide population – freely mixing. That will create a world of hybrids – light brown skinned, dark-haired, Afro-Euro-Australo-Americo-Asians, their skin color and facial features tending toward a global average. Sexual partner freedom in the modern times will also add up to the evolution of appearances. A theory states that humans may lose their nails in the next evolution.

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