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Activity Discussion Art & Craft Beginning as an artist Reply To: Beginning as an artist

  • Ashutosh

    December 18, 2023 at 8:13 pm
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    As an artist looking to improve your skills and find inspiration, there are numerous online resources and YouTube channels that can help you. Here are some suggestions:
    Online Resources:

    Google Arts & Culture: Offers a wide range of tools and materials to help with the study of art and cultural heritage

    Getty: Provides resources to help with the study of art and cultural heritage1

    The Art Story: A comprehensive resource for learning about art history and famous artists

    Art Encyclopedia: Offers access to a huge collection of educational resources covering art history, best modern painters, sculpture, photography, world art, museums, and more

    WikiArt: A platform for discovering and learning about art, artists, and art movements1

    The National Gallery of Art: Offers free learning resources and programs for educators and students, including thematic lesson plans and a resource finder to search the NGA’s extensive collection of lessons and resources

    Tate Kids: A useful site for primary-aged children, offering ideas to use in the classroom that link to well-known artists and online games and quizzes3

    Art UK: The online home of every UK public art collection, searchable by topic

    Art Rabbit: A platform for international contemporary art exhibitions and events, searchable by place, date, and theme

    Art History Teaching Resources: A peer-populated platform for art history teachers, featuring lesson plans, video introductions to museums, book reviews, image clusters, and classroom and museum activities3

    YouTube Channels:

    An Eye for Art: Focuses on great artists and their work, offering video tours and educational content2

    National Gallery of Art Education: Provides educational videos, lesson plans, and resources for educators and students2

    The Art of Ed: Offers graduate courses, conferences, and workshops, along with lesson planning information and video guides for various techniques5

    Art Pedagogy: Shares art lessons organized by different art concepts, with resources and ideas for art teachers

    These resources and channels can help you discover new ideas, learn techniques, and improve your artistic skills.

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