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  • Divyanshi

    December 21, 2023 at 9:26 pm
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    Creating a sturdy stem using paper can be achieved by using rolled paper techniques. Here’s a simple method for making a paper stem-

    Materials required:

    1. Newspaper or plain paper: You can use old newspapers or any plain paper for this.

    2. Fevicol: To create a strong adhesive.

    3. Scissors

    4. Paint (optional):To add colour to your stem.

    Instructions to make paper stem:

    1. Prepare Strips of Paper: Cut the newspaper or plain paper into long strips.

    2. Prepare Adhesive: Mix fevicol with a small amount of water to create a paste.

    3. Create a Base: Roll one strip of paper into a tight coil to form the base of your stem. Secure the end with glue or tape.

    4. Build the Stem:

    – Dip the paper strips into the adhesive, making sure they are well-coated but not dripping.

    – Wrap the coated strips around the base, gradually extending the stem. Overlap the strips to ensure strength.

    – Continue layering the strips until you reach the desired thickness and length for your stem.

    5. Allow to Dry: Let the paper stem to dry completely. This might take a day or more, depending on the thickness of the layers.

    6. Paint: Once the stem is dry, you can paint it to achieve the desired color.

    8. Attach to Your Project: Once your paper stem is fully dry and decorated, you can attach it to your project using additional glue or by embedding it into another material.

    This method provides a lightweight yet sturdy paper stem that can be used for various craft projects.

    You can go through this YouTube video:

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