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Activity Discussion Science & Technology Resources Reply To: Resources

  • Komal

    January 12, 2024 at 4:03 pm
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    Renewable resources are natural resources that can be replenished over time and are essentially inexhaustible. They can be used without depleting their supply. Examples of renewable resources are:

    1. Solar energy: The sun’s rays can be converted into electricity or heat, providing a sustainable and renewable source of energy.

    2. Wind energy: Wind power is harnessed by wind turbines to generate electricity. As long as wind keeps blowing, this energy source remains renewable.

    Non-renewable resources, on the other hand, are finite and cannot be replenished within a human lifespan. They are formed over millions of years and once depleted, cannot be easily replaced. Examples of non-renewable resources include:

    1. Fossil fuels: Coal, oil, and natural gas are non-renewable resources formed from ancient organic matter. These fuels are burned to produce energy, but their reserves are limited and take millions of years to form.

    2. Minerals: Resources like gold, silver, copper, and iron ore are non-renewable. They are extracted from the Earth’s crust, but their supply is finite and can be exhausted through mining activities.

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