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Activity Discussion History Peshwa Bajirao Reply To: Peshwa Bajirao

  • Dikshu

    January 31, 2024 at 5:23 pm
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    Peshwa Bajirao, also known as Bajirao I, was a prominent figure in Indian history. He was born on August 18, 1700, and served as the prime minister (Peshwa) of the Maratha Empire from 1720 until his death in 1740.

    Bajirao was born into the influential Peshwa family of Maharashtra, India. He was the eldest son of Balaji Vishwanath, the first Peshwa of the Maratha Empire. Bajirao inherited his father’s position and rose to power at a young age.

    Under Bajirao’s leadership, the Maratha Empire expanded significantly. He was known for his military brilliance and strategic skills, earning him the epithet “Bajirao Ballal.” Bajirao implemented a cavalry-based warfare doctrine that proved highly effective in battles against various regional powers, including the Mughals.

    One of Bajirao’s notable military achievements was his victory over the Nizam of Hyderabad at the Battle of Palkhed in 1728. He also successfully led campaigns against the Mughals and established Maratha influence in central India, Gujarat, and the Deccan region.

    Bajirao’s personal life was marked by his relationship with Mastani, a woman from a different religious and cultural background. Despite facing opposition from his family and society, Bajirao maintained his relationship with Mastani and had a son with her named Shamsher Bahadur.

    Bajirao I died on April 28, 1740, at the young age of 39 due to a sudden illness. His legacy as a skilled military commander and administrator continues to be celebrated in Indian history and popular culture, including the 2015 Bollywood film “Bajirao Mastani,” which depicts his life and achievements.

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