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Activity Discussion General Discussion India is Divided into PIN Areas Reply To: India is Divided into PIN Areas

  • Gaurav

    February 3, 2024 at 3:39 pm
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    India is divided into nine PIN zones, including eight regional zones and one functional zone for the Indian Army. The first digit of the PIN code represents the region, the second digit represents the sub-region, and the third digit represents the sorting district within the region.

    The eight regional zones in India are as follows:

    1. Northern Zone (1XXXXX)
    2. Western Zone (4XXXXX)
    3. Eastern Zone (7XXXXX)
    4. Southern Zone (6XXXXX)
    5. North Eastern Zone (7XXXXX)
    6. Central Zone (4XXXXX)
    7. South Western Zone (6XXXXX)
    8. South Eastern Zone (7XXXXX)

    Additionally, there is a functional zone for the Indian Army, which is represented by the PIN code series starting with the digit 9.

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