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Activity Discussion Science & Technology Symbol Of Molar Gas Constant Reply To: Symbol Of Molar Gas Constant

  • Ayushi

    February 5, 2024 at 6:08 pm
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    The symbol for the molar gas constant is typically represented by the letter “R” in scientific equations and formulas. It is named after the French chemist and physicist, Henri-Louis Le Chatelier. The value of the molar gas constant, denoted by “R,” depends on the units used for pressure, volume, and temperature. The most commonly used value for R is 8.314 joules per mole-kelvin (J/(mol·K)). However, depending on the units employed, other values of R may be used, such as 0.0821 liter·atmosphere per mole-kelvin (L·atm/(mol·K)) or 1.987 cal/(mol·K). The appropriate value of R should be chosen based on the units employed in a particular problem or equation.

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