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Activity Discussion Art & Craft Paper Cup Bunny Craft Reply To: Paper Cup Bunny Craft

  • brajesh

    February 16, 2024 at 2:59 pm
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    Instructions to make a paper cup bunny craft :

    1. Start by flipping the paper cup upside down. This will be the bunny’s body.

    2. Cut out two long bunny ears from white construction paper. You can use the entire length of the paper or adjust the size as desired.

    3. Cut out two smaller inner ear pieces from pink construction paper. Glue them onto the white ears, leaving a small border of white showing.

    4. Attach the ears to the inside of the paper cup using glue. Position them towards the back of the cup so they stick up like bunny ears.

    5. Glue two googly eyes onto the front of the cup, slightly below the ears.

    6. Use a small pom-pom or cotton ball to create the bunny’s nose. Glue it below the eyes.

    7. Cut a pipe cleaner in half. Bend each half into a U-shape to create the bunny’s whiskers. Glue them to the sides of the cup, near the nose.

    8. Cut another pipe cleaner in half and twist each piece to create the bunny’s arms. Attach them to the sides of the cup, just below the whiskers.

    9. Draw a mouth with a marker or crayon below the nose to complete the bunny’s facial features.

    10. Your paper cup bunny craft is now complete! You can also add additional decorations like a cotton ball tail or draw patterns on the cup to make it unique.

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