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Activity Discussion Science & Technology Concept of Time In Blackhole. Reply To: Concept of Time In Blackhole.

  • Kshitij

    April 28, 2024 at 1:51 pm
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    As we speak of blackholes and time altogether, we have to look in a perspective of an indestructible object venturing into the (event horizon), now considering this question I expect we know the basics of what happens to any object as it approaches blackhole (event horizon, technically), so our imaginary indestructible object gets closer to black hole, the first thing we see is the (imaginary object) will experience time relatively slower upon the distance it keeps covering, the time might get slower and after a desired distance it would just tend to infinity (simply time would seem to freeze) and the object would be pulled roughly and then the spaghettification begins, now as we consider this imaginary object is indestructible , we would further see the event horizon matter to be constantly impacting our object and time would still be experienced, now we understand the (time dilation would be constant) but it wouldn’t seize the existence of time- (but only its sustenance) -but only it would bend it, and then our imaginary object approaches to the backdrop of all the gamma ray and matter and then its TBD, scientists are trying to summarise that what happens next and is time travel possible via blackholes, but time is possible near blackhole and near event horizon only its implications would differ obviously relatively to the rest of the space.

    new here, hope we have more discussions ahead

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