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Activity Discussion Science & Technology Plants & Photosynthesis Reply To: Plants & Photosynthesis

  • Chel

    May 2, 2024 at 5:54 pm
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    Plants have several mechanisms to survive in the absence of nutrients in the soil. One way is through their root systems, which are designed to absorb nutrients from the soil. In nutrient-poor environments, some plants have adapted by developing specialized root structures, such as root hairs or mycorrhizal associations, which increase their surface area for nutrient absorption or form symbiotic relationships with fungi that help them acquire nutrients. Additionally, some plants are capable of altering their physiology to enhance nutrient uptake efficiency. For example, they may produce enzymes or organic acids to break down organic matter or minerals in the soil. In extreme cases, certain plant species can even extract nutrients from decaying organic material or other sources like the air. Through these adaptations, plants can survive and thrive in nutrient-depleted soils.

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