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  • Emeli

    May 21, 2024 at 5:48 pm
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    Here are the basic steps to make a simple sock puppet:

    Gather your materials – You’ll need a clean sock (preferably one that is a single color), scissors, glue or a needle and thread, and optional decorations like googly eyes, yarn, or felt.

    Cut out the puppet’s features – Lay the sock flat and use the scissors to cut out shapes for the eyes, mouth, nose, etc. You can be creative with the design.

    Attach the features – Use glue or sewing to attach the facial features to the sock. Position them where you want them on the sock.

    Decorate (optional) – You can glue on googly eyes, add yarn for hair, or cut shapes out of felt to give your sock puppet more personality.

    Bring it to life! – To use your sock puppet, simply slide your hand into the sock and manipulate the opening to make the puppet’s mouth move as you provide the voice.

    The great thing about sock puppets is that they can be made quickly and inexpensively using common household items. Have fun creating your own unique sock puppet!

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