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Activity Discussion Environment Hurricanes Reply To: Hurricanes

  • Mawar

    May 27, 2024 at 10:31 am
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    Hurricanes start over warm ocean water. The sun heats the ocean, which makes the air above the water warm and moist. This warm, moist air starts to rise into the sky.

    As the warm air rises, it creates an area of low air pressure at the ocean’s surface. This low-pressure area causes the air around it to start swirling and spinning. The spinning motion gets faster and faster, creating a giant spinning storm.

    The spinning storm sucks up more warm, moist air from the ocean, which makes the storm even stronger. This cycle continues, and the storm grows into a full-blown hurricane, with very strong winds blowing around the center of the storm.

    The key things that allow a hurricane to form are:

    1. Very warm ocean water to provide the energy
    2. Moist air that can rise quickly
    3. Low air pressure that allows the air to start spinning
    4. Little change in wind speed and direction with height

    So in simple terms, hurricanes form when warm ocean air rises, creating a spinning storm that feeds off the warm ocean below. The storm just keeps getting stronger and stronger as long as it has that warm ocean water to pull energy from.

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