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Activity Discussion History What are the five plans of Muhammad Bin Thuqlaq? Reply To: What are the five plans of Muhammad Bin Thuqlaq?

  • Dilip

    June 12, 2024 at 5:07 pm
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    Here are the 5 major plans implemented by Sultan Muhammad bin Tughlaq of the Delhi Sultanate, and how they ultimately failed:

    1. Token Currency Plan:

      • Tughlaq introduced a token currency made of base metals, with the aim of expanding the money supply and boosting the economy.
      • However, the plan failed due to widespread counterfeiting, leading to hyper-inflation and economic collapse.
    2. Shifting of Capital from Delhi to Daulatabad:

      • Tughlaq ordered the entire population of Delhi to relocate to the distant city of Daulatabad (in present-day Maharashtra).
      • This disastrous plan caused immense hardship, loss of life, and economic disruption, forcing Tughlaq to eventually abandon it.
    3. Increase in Land Revenue and Taxation:

      • Tughlaq drastically increased land revenue and other taxes to boost government coffers, leading to widespread resentment and peasant revolts.
      • The excessive taxation crippled the agricultural economy and impoverished the people.
    4. Military Campaigns in the Deccan:

      • Tughlaq launched ambitious military campaigns to expand the Delhi Sultanate’s reach into the Deccan region.
      • These long-drawn, costly wars overstretched the sultanate’s resources and manpower, contributing to its eventual decline.
    5. Introduction of Policed Registration System:

      • Tughlaq introduced a system where every subject had to obtain a certificate of registration from the government.
      • This highly unpopular measure led to widespread corruption and resentment, further eroding the sultanate’s legitimacy.

    Ultimately, these radical and poorly executed policies alienated the people, strained the economy, and undermined the sultanate’s stability. The cumulative failure of these ambitious plans contributed to widespread unrest, rebellion, and the eventual decline of Muhammad bin Tughlaq’s rule.

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