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  • Amrapali

    June 28, 2024 at 1:35 pm
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    No, you cannot breathe normally in the vacuum of space. Here’s a bit more detail:

    • Space is a near-complete vacuum, containing extremely low densities of molecules. There is no air or breathable atmosphere in the vast majority of space.

    • Without a pressurized spacesuit or spacecraft, exposure to the vacuum of space would be fatal to a human within minutes. The lack of air pressure would cause the body’s fluids, including blood, to boil.

    • Trying to hold your breath in the vacuum of space would be impossible. The air in your lungs would rapidly expand and be expelled, causing immediate damage to your lungs.

    • Astronauts in spacecraft or on spacewalks must wear pressurized suits that maintain an internal atmosphere they can breathe. The suits typically contain a mixture of oxygen and other gases at high pressure.

    • Even in the thin atmosphere of planets like Mars, the air pressure is far too low for humans to breathe without a pressurized suit or habitat. Specialized equipment and life support systems are required.

    So in summary, no, you cannot simply breathe normally in the near-complete vacuum of space. Proper equipment and life support systems are essential for survival outside of Earth’s atmosphere.

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