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  • Glenda

    July 2, 2024 at 3:30 pm
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    Simplifying a fraction is like making it the neatest version of itself! Here’s how you do it:

    Imagine the fraction is a pizza. The numerator (top number) tells you how many slices you have, and the denominator (bottom number) tells you how many slices the pizza has been cut into total.

    To simplify, we want to find the biggest number that goes into BOTH the numerator and denominator evenly. Evenly means it goes in without any leftover slices!

    For example, if your fraction is 6/12 (like a pizza cut into 12 slices, and you have 6 of them), the biggest number that goes into both 6 and 12 evenly is 6. We can divide both the numerator and denominator by 6, and we get 1/2. This is a simpler version of the pizza, with 1 whole slice from the original 6 slices.

    Here are some tips for finding the biggest number that goes in evenly:

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  • Think of your multiplication tables. Is there a number that goes into both the top and bottom without a remainder?
  • Look for factors! A factor of a number is any number that divides into it evenly. If a number is a factor of both the numerator and denominator, you can divide by that number to simplify.
  • Simplifying makes fractions easier to work with and understand. It’s like having the most manageable portion of pizza!

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