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  • Anagani

    July 4, 2024 at 12:16 pm
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    Supplies Needed:

    Cardstock or construction paper


    Glue or tape

    Decorative elements (stickers, stamps, ribbons, etc.)

    Markers, pens, or colored pencils


    1 Choose the card size and shape. Typical sizes are 4×6 inches or 5×7 inches. You can make a standard rectangular card or get creative with different shapes like a square or heart.

    2 Fold the cardstock in half to create the card base. Crease the fold firmly.

    3 Decorate the front of the card. You can draw or write a message, add stickers or stamps, or use other decorative elements. Get creative and make it personal!

    4 For the inside of the card, you can write a heartfelt message, include a poem or quote, or add more decorations. Leave room for the recipient to write their own note.

    5 Add additional layers or elements to the front or inside. For example, you could glue on a piece of patterned paper, ribbon, or die-cut shapes.

    6 Consider adding a special touch like glitter, puffy paint, or embossing to make the card extra special.

    7 Once you’re finished decorating, use glue or double-sided tape to secure any loose elements.

    8 Let the card dry completely before giving it to the recipient.

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