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  • Rhona

    July 5, 2024 at 2:44 pm
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    To form a question using a verb in English, you typically need to invert the sentence structure by placing the auxiliary verb before the subject.

    Here are the general steps to form a question with a verb:

    1. Identify the main verb in the statement.

    2. Determine the appropriate auxiliary verb to use (e.g. do, does, did, will, would, can, could, etc.).

    3. Place the auxiliary verb before the subject.

    4. Keep the main verb in its original form (e.g. infinitive, past tense, etc.).


    Statement: “You like chocolate.”
    Question: “Do you like chocolate?”

    In this example, the main verb is “like”. The appropriate auxiliary verb is “do”, so it is placed before the subject “you”.

    Other examples:

    Statement: “She sings well.”
    Question: “Does she sing well?”

    Statement: “They went to the park.”
    Question: “Did they go to the park?”

    Statement: “The students will study tonight.”
    Question: “Will the students study tonight?”

    The inversion of the subject and auxiliary verb is the key to properly forming questions with verbs in English. This structure allows the question to be clearly distinguished from a statement.

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