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Activity Discussion Science & Technology Why do we have wrinkly fingers after swimming or bath? Reply To: Why do we have wrinkly fingers after swimming or bath?

  • Susmita

    October 2, 2020 at 9:21 am
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    We like to swim, we like to take bath and we also like to get wet in rain. But have you noticed what happens to your fingers after a long bath or after swimming for long time? Your finger skin becomes wrinkled. But why does this happen?

    When we wash our hands, water runs off of our skin. Water does not soaked by skin. It had been a natural assumption of people that water passes through our skin when we stay under water for long time and this is the reason for wrinkled fingers. But if our skin could soak water then after long bath our whole body skin would swell up resulting in wrinkle in our whole body. But then how do wrinkles occur in fingers in water?
    Since 1930, researchers and doctors found that people with damaged nerves in their fingers, don’t have wrinkled fingers after staying in water for a long time. From this they came to conclusion that it could be a reaction of the autonomic nervous system. It is the nervous system, which we cannot control. For example, our digestive system, heart- beat etc. These systems are controlled by our autonomic nervous system. Wrinkled fingers after staying under water for a long time, is caused by the autonomic nervous system. We can get a better grip of wet things by wrinkled fingers
    You may have noticed that handle of a bicycle or suitcase is made uneven or wavy so that we can hold tightly. Actually, wrinkles in our fingers improve our grip under water for the same reason.

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