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Activity Discussion Science & Technology 5G technology

  • Edutuber

    May 15, 2021 at 7:37 am
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    Before discissing 5g we have to take a sneak peek into other networks available. The first generation, second generation 2g ,third generation 3g and now in India we are experiencing the fourth generation network service(4g). These represent the bandwidth of the respective spectrums compared to 4g , 3g has a low bandwidth, 2g has bandwidth lower than 3g and so on. To over come this using data cables was considered as a solution. But when 5g gets introduced, it is considered to provide a stunning speed of 10 gb per second. This will usually removes the use of data cables for data transfer. 5g will be introduced only after the approval of government .The increased speed is achieved partly by using additional higher-frequency radio waves in addition to the low and medium band frequencies used in previous cellular networks.<sup style=”font-family: inherit;”></sup> However, higher-frequency radio waves have a shorter useful physical range, requiring smaller geographic areas.South Korea is the first country to adopt 5g in a large scale. It is expected that 5g will be introduced in India on 2022.

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