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Activity Discussion Art & Craft ART & CRAFT


  • Mizna

    December 30, 2023 at 8:39 pm
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    Yes, art & craft is just as crucial as subject curriculum. It is easily one of the most common subjects taught in primary school education. It consists of a wide variety of artistic activities which involve making things with one’s own hands. It is an essential aspect of education, which fosters an individual to ‘think outside the box’.

    Art & craft encourages creativity, emotional intelligence, and critical thinking in an individual. Though subject curriculum has all the necessary knowledge that must be passed on, art & craft encourages holistic development of the individual.

    Art supports adaptability to situations, while also growing problem-solving skills. It nurtures the ability to see different perspectives, while crafting teaches patience and precision. It also enables the desire to turn imagination to reality; to strive towards being able to convey ideas visually. Integrating art & craft into education ensures that the generation of talented individuals are imaginative and resilient.

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