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Activity Discussion Art & Craft Art in budget


  • Suneha

    June 21, 2023 at 4:53 pm
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    Tips for creating art or craft on a budget are:

    1. Reuse – there are a number of items available at our home which can be reused for creating a beautiful piece of art or craft work. They can minimise the cost of going for new items.

    2. Buy second hand – instead of buying new material we can go for second hand items which would be available at a cheaper rate.

    3. Borrow – we can borrow items from our friends if they are needed for a small use only or we can exchange with them which will satisfy our need as well as there needs.

    4. Make lists – as like of grocery list we can make lists of the items required for our work so we can grab opportunities for buying those items in a sale at a comparatively lower prices.

    5. Use less – you can save money and still achieve a wonderful art on a budget by thinking small. There is no need to overuse items for your work to look attractive. Use your own creativity with minimum items.

    6. Go online – going and buying at a art store must be fun but buying online would benefit as the material is available at a cheaper price on sites.

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