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Activity Discussion Environment Avalanches


    May 26, 2021 at 8:58 pm
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    What is an avalanche?

    An avalanche is a natural calamity that occurs when there is extreme snowfall down the steep slopes of the mountains or hills. However, the exact amount. The amount of snow that the avalanche carries depends on certain factors.

    The creation of avalanche can be due to multiple causes.

    Few natural reasons can cause one too:

    Formation of new snow and pouring of new or fresh rain can result in falling snow through the steeps of the mountain slopes

    There are earthquake activities that disrupt the land beneath.

    Even some fast and excessive animal movements can cause avalanches too.

    Along with the natural reasons there are some unnatural or man-made causes too.

    The few that are known are:

    Extensive use of snowmobiles

    There are skiers and their movements.

    Using explosive in snow hilly areas trigger avalanches as well.

    The occurrence of avalanche is witnessed mainly in the winter and spring season. The areas are prone to one when the amount of snowfall is highest. They are a severe threat to the life of many living beings. Avalanches have major impacts on forests, roads, railroads, etc.

    The process that causes an avalanche to occur originates from stress or force that is acting to pull the snow downward. In its way of pulling, the snow layers and slabs get dragged with extreme forceful conditions. However, there must few physical and geographical circumstances that must be there in that area, so that the avalanche occurs:

    – First one is the presence of a steep slope.

    – There should be a good amount of snow cover

    – But the layer should not be solid enough in the snow cover

    – And there must be something that is causing a trigger, it can be natural or unnatural.

    According to reports and assumptions, the avalanche-prone months are, February, March, and January. If one is visiting a snow area at that time, then one must take all necessary precautions.

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