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Activity Discussion Art & Craft Best out of waste

  • Krati

    June 23, 2023 at 12:55 am
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    Yes you can make different diy and home decor with things that are available at home which can be unused water bottles, wall hangings with CDs which are not in use, cardboard boxes can be used to make pencil stand and a small cupboard to keep belongings like jewellery, stationery etc, match boxes can be used to make cute diys, old newspapers can be used to make paper bags or pencil stands.

    Here are some links for best out of waste

    By making things from waste someone can donate these things in charity or can earn money for themselves

  • shreya

    June 22, 2023 at 10:17 pm
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    Yes! you can make homemade crafts by using things that are easily available at your home , some of these things are:

    Printed Floral Lamp Shade

    Recycled fabric remnants can be used to decorate a simple lampshade. Using decoupage medium, apply fabric designs that have been cut out on a drum shade. Apply fabric adhesive to the bias tape and wrap it around the top and bottom of the shade for a finished appearance.

    Drawstring fabric bag

    The supplies required for this simple sewing project are probably already in your possession if you enjoy sewing. Make a straightforward drawstring purse out of fabric scraps and cotton cording. This multipurpose pouch can be used as a beauty bag, a handbag organiser, or a container for other objects.

    Basket Rack

    To increase storage in your bedroom, take an old basket you have sitting around the home and turn it into a bedside shelf. Any type of basket will do as long as the bottom is flat. Hammer a nail through a slit in the basket’s weave to attach it to the wall.

    Simple Watercolour Art

    To try your hand at DIY watercolour art, grab a watercolour palette and a few brushes. With just a few simple watercolour methods, you may produce your own masterpiece. For a unique addition to your gallery wall, frame your finished painting.

    Homemade Plywood Art

    This easy-to-make wall art project just requires a couple cans of spray paint and an extra piece of plywood. Create an organic, fluid shape with our method, then add colour blocks with spray paint to finish off the design. This striking contemporary artwork is ideal for a gallery wall or fireplace mantel.

    Hanging Paper Light

    Use leftover paper to make this geometric pendant at home. Plain paper can be folded and scored to create an origami-inspired lampshade that can be used to adorn a plain pendant light. Glue sheets together before folding if the paper you have on hand isn’t big enough.

    Greeting Mat Update

    Improve a drab doormat with a pattern drawn from nature. Painters tape can be used to outline the layout you desire. Be sure to apply pressure to ensure the tape sticks. Remaining spray paint can be used to add colour to the pattern. Do this project outside, in a place with good ventilation.

    Fireplace Wood Branch Filler

    Before you start, you might need to do a little foraging. Create a focal point in front of your fireplace by arranging small, sculpted branches or logs. Place the wood in a firebox that isn’t in use, adjusting it as needed to secure the display.

    The list goes on but I hope these ideas help!

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