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Activity Discussion Essay Biography of cv raman

  • tanya

    June 4, 2021 at 3:50 am
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    Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman, popularly knows as CV Raman was an Indian physicist who excelled in the field of scattering of light. He was born on 7 November 1888. He was born in a middle-class Tamil family. His father was a teacher by profession at the local high school. He was considered lucky for his family as when he was born his father’s salary had increased. In 1892, they moved to Vishakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh as his father was appointed in the Physics department at Mrs. A.V Narasimha Rao College. Ram got admission at St. Aloysius’ Anglo Indian High School. He also received a scholarship at the age of 13 as he secured his first position under the Andhra Pradesh school board examination.

    He joined the Presidency College in 1902 in Madras. He obtained his B.A Degree from the University of Madras in the year 1904. He also won the Gold medal in Physics and Maths. He had a good interest in understanding the concept behind musical sounds. He worked out the theory of transverse vibration of string instruments based on the superposition of velocities. He also tried to get the concept behind the musical instrument Violin. He also performed his experiments with mechanically played violins.

    He also was interested in the scattering of light. His first theory was to understand the blue color of seawater. While his tour from England, he noticed the blue color of the Mediterranean Sea. Using a spectroscope and a Nicol prism, he studied the seawater. The Nicol prism helped him to view the color of the seawater without the influence of sunlight. He then contradicted Rayleigh and described how the seawater appeared even more blue without the influence of sunlight. He, along with Krishnan, published a paper on 31 March titled “A new type of Secondary Radiation”.

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