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Activity Discussion General Discussion Can consuming plastic in small amount be fatal?

  • Ishita

    October 1, 2021 at 5:26 pm
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    Plastics has become important to our daily lives. Specifically for urban areas. People are latched on it, we regularly expend it. it’s seen to be everywhere sort of a marketplace, mall and also in our own houses too. We never thought of the huge account of harm it can cause to our surroundings. So first we all know that we always got to avoid Non-biodegradable products as it’s extremely harmful towards our nature, but still can’t avoid the plastic which is Non-biodegradable waste too. So plastic may be a very harmful product that will ruin the ecosystem. There are some reasons why it can cause harm to the environment. We all know that plastic may be a non-biodegradable material so it can’t destroy or dissolve, it always exists forever. because it is undestroyable, its massive use causes a better level of pollution in nature. Plastic affects the entire of nature and therefore the world including human life, wildlife, aquatic life. Plastic pollutes our water, soil, and also harms aquatic animals. per annum an outsized amount of plastic was found within the water, which results in the water becoming unpurified, so you’ll imagine what proportion it can affect our lives. Plastic is usually found on the land so it affects the birthrate of the soil and ruins it. a number of the aquatic animals mistakenly swallow it and choked to death. A record showed that the majority of the dolphins died thanks to the plastic, they accidentally ate it and it stuck in their mouth so that they can’t be ready to eat anything and die thanks to starvation. So we will see what proportion of plastic harm affects the ecosystem. a little amount of plastic is fatal for our surroundings. we should always prevent using plastic and always prefer biodegradable material.

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