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Activity Discussion General Discussion Cool in summer


  • Ishita

    September 24, 2021 at 5:55 pm
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    Summer is considered to be a very happy and active season. But sometimes the temperature becomes so hot during summer that it becomes unbearable to keep cool. Sometimes results from heat cramps to heat exhaustion and heatstroke. If you are bothered by the heated weather of summer, there are some ways you can keep yourself cool. Let’s learn,

    1. Sometimes exercises can become the result of your exhaustion so it will be good if you avoid outdoor exercise, try to exercise in the evening rather than the morning. And try walking instead of running.

    2. Wear cotton clothes, cotton is very comfortable and can keep you cooler than synthetic clothes. Black and dark colour clothes can increase the level of heat in your body, so use light colour clothes and wear loose-fitting clothes. You can be a little relieved by doing these.

    3. Take a frequent bath to keep yourself cool. And most importantly wash your clothes regularly. We can be more comfortable in washed clothes in hot weather. Dirty clothes can cause many skin problems.

    4. Instead of hot and heavy food try to stick on light homemade foods with less oil and fat. Try to have a frequent small meal. If you eat a lot of food at one time it increases your body temperature and causes dehydration. Eats fruits and salads regularly. Most importantly try to avoid hot drinks like tea, coffee and alcohol, it will increase your body temperature. You can drink cold coffee, cold tree and cold drinks and cool juice instead. Put your water bottle instead of the refrigerator to cool it.

    5. Use fans rather than an air conditioner. Fans can make you’re cooler than an air conditioner. If you use the air conditioner more it will be not good for your health.

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